Privacy Policy

Acmenomy® is a registered legal entity, so (“Acmenomy”, “we”, “our” or “us”) will mean the firm “Acmenomy” throughout this document.

We do collect personal information from the users of our websites/products/services for various reasons explained in this document. As a user, it is necessary for you to understand and accept this privacy policy which governs how we process your data before you start using our websites/products/services. We intend to use your personal information only for the purpose that you provide us the consent for. We respect your personal information as much as you do, and we always strive to keep it safe and up to date. We aim to acquire your explicit consent and enter a mutual contract with a proper understanding about the rights, privileges and exemptions regarding handling your personal information as mentioned in this document. Data protection will always be one of our topmost priorities. 

This document declares the type, purpose, scope and nature of the data we collect and process. The personal data of our users like Name, E-mail, Address, Phone number etc. would be processed in line with the region-specific data protection laws applicable. We are committed to adhere to the data protection policies & regulations of the region/country where we operate. A complete list of regions/countries we operate in is mentioned in the Terms & Conditions section of our website which should be read in conjunction with this privacy policy. 


  1. Person Identification Information (PII): Any attributes like Name, Address, Social Security Number, E-mail etc. which can reveal the identity of any person who is an Employee, Client, User, Affiliate, Vendor or anyone related directly/indirectly to the firm will be considered as PII. 
  2. Data Processing: Any activity or function related to data that involves collecting, generating, editing, gathering, storing, archiving, erasing, modifying, sharing, structuring, disclosing, restoring etc. shall fall under data processing. 
  3. Data Controller: Any person or entity entitled with appropriate authority to review, authorise, control and demand any of the data processing activities will be considered as data controllers. 
  4. Data Processor: Data processor is the person or entity who performs the actual actions on the data as instructed by the data controller.

What data is collected? 

Here is a list of some of the important data attributes we collect. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list but is mentioned just to give you an idea about the kind of data we collect and the purpose for which we use it. We have broadly categorised the data according to the nature of information.  

Data CollectedPurpose Of Collection
Type Of DataPersonal Information
First name, Last nameUser Addressing
E-mailUnique Identification
Date Of BirthAge Verification
Home Address, Work AddressPostal Communication
Landline & Mobile NumbersTelephonic Communication
Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, InstagramSocial Communication
Type Of DataAccount Data
Account TypeRoles & Privileges
Date Of JoiningTenure Of Membership
List Of ServicesNature Of Business
Expiry DatesTenure Of Service
Type Of DataUsage Data
IP AddressLegal & Compliance
Browser Name & VersionBrowser Specific Customisation
Pages VisitedFeature Optimisation
Login Date & TimeMaintenance
Browsing PatternFeature Optimisation
Geographical LocationRegion Specific Customisation
Services UsedService Optimisation
Internet Service ProviderLegal & Compliance
Operating System & VersionDevice Specific Customisation
ReferrerAffiliate Record
Type Of DataTransaction Data
Services PurchasedSupport Management
Date Of PurchaseSupport & Renewal
Mode Of PaymentRenewal Optimisation
Amount PaidDiscount Management
Type Of DataService Data
Type Of ServiceSupport Management
Service Related DataDisaster Recovery
Type Of DataCorrespondence Data
Service TicketsCustomer Support
Call LogsCustomer Support
Chat LogsCustomer Support
Emails & CorrespondenceCustomer Support
Data Collection 

  1. Purpose: 
    • To provide personalised service to each user 
    • To enforce restrictions on age specific content 
    • To provide authentication and authorisation for user specific data 
    • To render region specific content by identifying the target location 
    • To optimise the layout and alignments based on the target device  
    • To maintain a track of transactions, services and correspondence data 
    • To maintain service specific data for each user separately 
    • To maintain data required by law enforcement authorities when necessary 
    • To process and maintain data required for legal and regulatory compliance 
  2. Method: 
    • Personal and account data is collected at the time of account creation 
    • Usage data is collected for almost all interactions with our website 
    • Transaction data is collected at the time of purchase of services 
    • Service and correspondence data is collected throughout the service duration 

Data Security 

  1. We respect your privacy while we retain your data on our servers and have set up necessary controls in place to secure your data from loss, theft, misuse, unauthorised access, manipulation etc.  
  2. We shall not collect data which you may classify as extra personal or extra sensitive.  
  3. You should not provide your consent if you believe we are asking for extra personal or extra sensitive information from you. 
  4. We ensure that all data processing actions are audited and documented 
  5. We ensure that all data access permissions are audited and renewed from time to time 
  6. We share your data with only parties who agree and sign our data privacy policy 
  7. We log and approve all data access requests from data controllers 
  8. We do not share your data with any third party without proper authorisation  
  9. We provide access on a need to know basis so not all employees have access to data 
  10. We do not allow replication, download or backup of data by unauthenticated entities 
  11. We encrypt all data transfers from and to database and web services 
  12. We encrypt all data interactions with website/products/services  

We put in our best to fill up all the security gaps, however due to malicious attacks via the internet data transfer protocol, which are beyond our control, absolute data protection cannot be guaranteed. Although minimal, but there would always be an element of risk which threatens data security which you must agree before using our website/products/services.  

Minors privacy policy 

  1. Any person under the age of 18 years will be considered minor irrespective of region. 
  2. Our website/products/services are not for minors with or without parental consent. 
  3. Please do not subscribe or register on our website if you are a minor. 
  4. Please do not provide any personal information on our website if you are a minor. 
  5. Please delete your account and personal data if you have registered as a minor. 
  6. Please bring to our notice if you come across any minor accessing our website. 
  7. Please inform us if you believe we have accidentally collected information from a minor. 
  8. We reserve the rights to delete/destroy any data belonging to minors without notice 
  9. We shall not entertain and should not be held responsible for data related to minors. 

Cookies Policy 

  1. Cookies are small files stored on the client device. These files are used by the website to store user specific data to be used as reference, bookmark or tracker. 
  2. Some user configuration or settings are stored in the cookie and are required for user specific adjustment of our services, so they are required for proper functioning. 
  3. Usage of cookies enable faster page loads and eliminates the need for repetitive process of form filling as the cookies auto-load the information on the client device. 
  4. Login information, usage metrics, visitor information, customised content settings are some of the examples of the data that is stored in the cookies. 
  5. The user may at any point in time, allow/disallow usage of cookies for our website on the client browser.  
  6. The user can also delete the existing cookies to remove all information stored on the client device, however it’s not recommended to do so because our website functions which are dependent on cookies may fail or take longer than usual to perform the task and functions. 

Third Party Access 

  1. Developers and the database administrators are the data processors and data controllers who are authorised to process your data in a structured, classified and ethical manner. 
  2. We may appoint third party entities to act as data controllers and data processors and they too shall operate in accordance with the data protection policies of the firm which they have agreed to ensure safety and security of your data with respect to the level of access  
  3. We do not rent or sell your information outside the firm without your explicit consent 
  4. We may share reasonably necessary information with third party organisation to provide you with better services.  
  5. We may provide authorisations to regulators, vendors, marketers, advertisers, insurers, advisers, lawyers, affiliates or other service providers of the firm to use your data for maintaining our obligations, to manage risks, to obtain legal advice, to settle claims, to obtain and maintain insurance coverage and for legal and regulatory compliance or proceedings in or outside the court of law. 
  6. We may share your data collected directly or indirectly with third party service providers for deriving patterns and for analytical purpose to better our service. 
  7. We may share your data with third party advertising partners to provide better targeted advertising campaigns via our website, emails or social media. 
  8. We may share your data with legal authorities to protect us, our clients, our business, our employees, our reputation or any entity related to us in good faith; if we think that it’s necessary to curb illegal activities, prevent frauds, cyber bullying or any kind of anti-social or criminal activities that may cause harm in general. 

Data Retention 

  1. We retain the information we have collected from you at the time of account creation/newsletter subscription during the whole tenure while the account or subscription is active. 
  2. We may partially/fully delete/archive your data in case your account/subscription is dormant for a duration of more than 6 months or if there is no response to the notifications and alerts that we may send to your email account registered with us. 
  3. As a user you are entitled to access, modify, download and delete your data anytime you want however we reserve the right to retain or disallow erasure of certain data required for administrative and legal purpose as directed by the supervisory authorities/compliance regulators. 
  4. As a user you are entitled to restrict/object data processing, port your data, complain to the supervisory authority & to withdraw your consent altogether at any point of time. However, some information which might be needed for legal/administrative purpose cannot be restricted by you as it will be required in extra ordinary situations to secure the interest of firm and our partners. 
  5. If you need your personal data that is not readily available with us and must be procured from archives or third-party services. This might cause some delay and cost you some reasonable sum which you must agree to in case you want to go ahead with the request. 
  6. In case there is no clear mention of data retention duration, a minimum of ten years should be considered as default after the account/subscription with us has ended. 
  7. We shall provide you a copy of your personal data if it does not impact/harm other entities or their interest. Only the first copy requested shall be free but additional ones will be charged nominal fees. 
  8. We may track the changes you make to your personal information and store the previous information in our archives that shall be secured and treated just like the current version of your personal data. This information may be used for historical investigations or analysis for resolving complaints, frauds and litigation. 
  9. Notwithstanding any of the other provisions mentioned in this article, we reserve the right to retain and process your personal data necessary for legal and administrative compliance in order to protect the interest of the firm, clients and the law of the region. 
  10. As a user you have the right to delete your personal data under the following circumstances: 
    • If the data is no longer necessary for the purpose it was collected  
    • If you have withdrawn your consent to collect/process the data 
    • If you object to process the data using rules under data protection law 
    • If the data is used for direct marketing or is unlawfully processed 
    • If the data, you want to be deleted is not necessary for compliance of any legal obligation or to defend legal claims. 


  1. This privacy policy will follow the data protection laws of the region provided, we provide our services in the concerned region 
  2. Users belonging to a region where we do not operate are not supposed to use our website/products/services 
  3. We shall not be bound to follow the rules of the region which we do not operate in 
  4. This privacy policy applies even if your data is shifted across continents via cloud services and will be in accordance with the data protection and privacy regulations of the region where it was collected from. 
  5. Please refer to the list of regions/countries we operate in which is mentioned in the Terms & Conditions section of our website.


As a user you have the right to object and restrict the data processing of your personal data. We shall pause all processing related to the objected data until you take back the objection or until it is found that the objection does not fall under any of the following circumstances 

  1. If the data is no more relevant for the purpose it was gathered for. 
  2. If the data has served its purpose and is no longer needed 
  3. If the data is inaccurate and need not be processed 
  4. If you have not given/revoked your consent for data processing 
  5. If the data is not related to any legal proceedings or claims 
  6. If the data is not required for exercising supervisory authority 
  7. If the data is of greater interest to firm or any legitimate third party 
  8. If you don’t want us to use certain data for direct marketing or its profiling. 
  9. If you don’t want us to use data for research or statistical analysis  

When you provide us your personal data for processing, you agree to the following: 

  • You provide explicit consent for us to process your personal data 
  • You are the party to the contract which states data processing details 
  • You shall receive your data in machine readable text format when requested 
  • You shall not receive data which impacts rights or freedom of others 
  • We can process the data until you revoke your consent for data processing 
  • You can lodge complaint with supervisory authority for data infringement cases 


  1. We collect your contact information while creating your account which we intend to use to communicate with you regarding the transactions, services, updates, issues, alerts and to respond to your queries. 
  2. We shall also use your contact information to send you newsletters and occasional marketing and promotional offers in case you have subscribed for the same. 
  3. We aim to provide updates if there are any modifications to our data processing policy and shall use your email as the primary means of communication to notify you. 
  4. By default, all users are subscribed to basic mandatory alerts and notifications when the account is created, but you can always update the settings and selectively turn on/off certain alerts and notifications or unsubscribe the mailing list completely. 
  5. It may take around 10 days to process changes to your mailing subscription and you may continue to get administrative emails and notifications irrespective of your preference. 

Dispute Resolution 

  1. As a registered user, you have the right to bring to our notice any issues or complaints that you may have regarding your personal data usage, policy, violations, claims, access etc.  
  2. You can lodge your complaint with us by getting in touch with us directly through the website or email 
  3. We shall start working on your request based on the priority of the issue and shall keep you in the loop to provide updates and progress until the issue is resolved. 
  4. In case, you do not find a satisfactory response to your complaint, you may escalate the issue directly to our supervisory authority by sending an email to  

The details of communication mediums to reach us are mentioned in the Contact section of our website.

Future Changes to Privacy Policy 

  1. We aim to be transparent about the data collection and actual usage of your data so we shall continue to refine and update our privacy policy on our website.  
  2. It would be responsibility of the users to keep a check and agree to the modifications done to our terms and policies from time to time. 
  3. We shall notify you via email about the change in our privacy policy and you can check the details by visiting this policy on our website. 

Contact Information 

  • Please contact us via any of the communication medium provided in the Contact section of our website if you have any queries relate to your data stored with us.